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Fraud Awareness Workshop

On the 28th of August 2023, Learnvent, in partnership with T&H Consulting, conducted a highly successful Fraud Awareness Workshop. This comprehensive case study highlights the event's objectives, organization, content, participant engagement, feedback, outcomes, and future plans, showcasing how it empowered attendees to become champions in recognizing and preventing fraud.

Event Overview

The Fraud Awareness Workshop, held on the 28th of August 2023, at 16:00 CEST, was a pivotal online event hosted by Learnvent. It aimed to educate participants on identifying and preventing fraud, recognizing red flags, and enhancing their overall fraud awareness. The event provided attendees with the unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, uncover hidden risks, and gain practical strategies for safeguarding themselves against financial deception.

Tahir Khan, CEO

"As the CEO of Learnvent, I'm truly honored to have united experts from T&H Consulting and participants eager to bolster their fraud awareness. Together, we've fortified our defenses against fraud in the digital realm."

Organizers and Partners

Learnvent, the event organizer, joined forces with T&H Consulting, a consulting firm renowned for its expertise in helping individuals recover funds lost to various scams and fraud. Together, they brought this important workshop to life.

Key Statistics

Target Audience

The workshop catered to a diverse audience, including individuals who had previously fallen victim to scams and sought to enhance their fraud awareness. It also attracted a general audience spanning various age groups and professions, including those active online, users of dating websites, frequent email users, and individuals interested in cryptocurrency and trading activities. The comprehensive nature of the workshop addressed various aspects of fraud relevant to everyday life.

Pre-Event Marketing

To maximize engagement, the event received extensive promotion through various channels. Learnvent's marketing campaign included email outreach, targeting both existing and potential customers of T&H Consulting. Simultaneously, the workshop gained significant visibility on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While Learnvent was the primary promoter, T&H Consulting also shared select posts to maximize reach. Email marketing campaigns played a pivotal role in driving engagement, closely followed by LinkedIn campaigns.

Event Content and Speakers


Wesam Hamza opened the workshop by providing an insightful overview of the event's objectives and highlighting the importance of fraud awareness. He briefly summarized the various types of fraud and their profound impact on individuals, sharing relevant statistics to underscore the significance of the issue.


Dr. Jasmine Hussein, a Legal Specialist and Blockchain Investigator, delved into the realm of investment scams. Her presentation focused on identifying red flags associated with investment fraud, differentiating between regulated and non-regulated entities, and equipping participants with the tools to guard their wealth effectively


Mathias Sinn, a Compliance Specialist, shed light on personal exploitation scams. He explored the anatomy of these scams, discussed typologies, and emphasized the importance of recognizing red flags and employing prevention methods to stay protected.


Hanna Adynets, Co-Founder and Blockchain Investigator, enlightened participants about the realities of cryptocurrency scams. Her session covered the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, common scams, and why scammers are drawn to this digital frontier.


Tahir Khan, Co-Founder and CEO, rounded up the workshop by delving into the world of deepfake scams and the psychology of fraud. He elucidated the technology behind deepfakes, its advantages and disadvantages, and explained why scammers employ emotional manipulation. Participants gained valuable insights into safeguarding themselves against evolving tactics used by fraudsters.


The event was hosted on the Zoom platform, a familiar and user-friendly choice for most attendees. To ensure a seamless experience, participants received detailed instructions in advance, encouraging them to familiarize themselves with the platform. Although a few attendees experienced minor technical issues, such as video lag compared to audio, these problems were resolved promptly. Most participants accessed the event via the desktop browser or desktop app, with some using mobile devices.

Workshop and Activities

Each workshop segment was complemented by real-world case examples, allowing participants to grasp the concepts effectively. Attendees were encouraged to ask questions throughout the event, and these questions were addressed comprehensively during the dedicated Q&A session. This interactive approach ensured that participants could focus on specific topics before summarizing their inquiries in the Q&A session.

Feedback and Surveys

Following the event, participants received the workshop recording and a presentation recap to reinforce their understanding. Additionally, a post-event survey gathered valuable feedback. Participants were asked about their experiences with the pre-event email marketing campaign, their engagement with free checklists provided during the campaign, their interest in the workshop topics, their assessment of speaker professionalism, and their overall event experience. Furthermore, participants were asked about their potential interest in attending future events hosted by Learnvent.

"I want to say thank you. Very educational and informative. I wish I knew in 2017, then I would not be here today"

Results and Outcomes

The Fraud Awareness Workshop yielded significant outcomes. Notably, it led to a strategic partnership between Learnvent and T&H Consulting for future workshops and material distribution. Additionally, the event substantially increased website traffic and improved Learnvent's search engine ranking, enhancing its online visibility.

Participants continued to receive email communications from Learnvent, including interactive materials and relevant articles. This event also prompted some attendees to follow Learnvent on social media, facilitating ongoing interactions and knowledge sharing.

Future Plans

The success of the Fraud Awareness Workshop has inspired Learnvent to expand its offerings. Future plans include hosting more events, developing additional interactive materials, and offering mini-courses before major events to provide participants with a more dynamic and engaging learning experience.

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