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Crypto and the Law

A deep dive into the legal frameworks



This Masterclass offers crucial insights into the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulations and compliance, and their profound impact on financial organizations. Guided by industry experts, attendees will gain practical strategies, explore real-world case studies, and engage in interactive discussions, all designed to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the crypto-driven future.

Virtual Team Meeting

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Charles Kerrigan



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Antonia Eilander

Tax Lawyer - Founder

@O2K, Crypto Tax Forum

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Keynote Speakers


Welcome and a word from the CEO


Theme 1: What lawyers need to know about Crypto regulation in Europe


Charles Kerrigan - Overview of Status quo of the Crypto regulation landscape


  • What laws apply to Crypto?

  • Types of tokens

  • Running a Crypto exchange

  • Being a custodian, Issuing and Marketing tokens

  • UK / Europe / US overview

  • Trends in 2024 – more regulation, Web3, relationship with AI

Charles Kerrigan - Navigation through the recent legal updates in Europe (MiCA)

  • The history of Crypto regulation in the EU

  • The obligations of the current VASP registrations

  • Detailed presentation of MiCA : regulation of ICOs, ARTs, EMTs and CASP

  • Presentation of the remaining level 2 MiCA obligations

  • Next steps: where to submit an application for MiCA, French VASP license and grandfathering advantages


1st Q&A Session


--  Networking Break --


Theme 2: Crypto platforms and Legal challenges


Antonia Eilander - ​The legal obligations and taxation law in Crypto

  • A Practical training on Crypto taxation and legal obligations

  • The Dynamics of solving Crypto legal challenges

  • An overview into Crypto investigation and compliance implementation within of the new regulations


2nd Q&A Session


Panel discussion  -  Hosted by: Dr. Jasmine Hussein


Closing Remarks

4 reasons to attend this Event


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest European crypto regulations in 2024, ensuring law firms stay current with legal frameworks


Learn how to implement risk mitigation techniques to protect clients and maintain legal compliance.


Explore future trends and innovations to stay ahead of the curve and align your business with regulatory expectations


Connect with other legal experts, crypto businesses and potential clients, fostering collaborations and partnerships

  • Is there a Network session at the events?
    Yes, we do have several Networking sessions throughout the event. Check the agenda of your preferred event for more details.
  • Do you have an event schedule available?
    Yes, you can find it on the page of each event.
  • Is there a waitlist for events?
    At the moment, there's no wait list for our events.
  • Do you have one-day passes?
    All of our tickets are packaged for the full conference, we do not offer one-day tickets.
  • How do I register for the Event?
    All you need to do is fill out the form on our website and then we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • Do I have to connect those days before the event?
    You don't have to but we recommend to be connected 10 minutes before starting.
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