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The Impact of AI Technologies on Regtech and Suptech Solutions

explore the fusion of AI with Regtech and Suptech solutions. Experts will assist you to discover how cutting-edge AI technologies are revolutionizing regulatory compliance and supervision to get a full understanding of the advantages and future challenges.

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The Impact of AI Technologies on Regtech and Suptech Solutions
The Impact of AI Technologies on Regtech and Suptech Solutions

Time & Location

Time is TBD


About the event

Welcome to 'Trading the Truth,' a workshop that peels back the layers of the retail trading industry, unveiling its intricate infrastructure and inner workings. In this immersive event, we're dedicated to shedding light on the behind-the-scenes mechanisms that impact retail traders. Prepare to gain a deep understanding of the industry's core, explore its challenges, and equip yourself with valuable insights to navigate this dynamic landscape effectively.

Workshop Key Takeaways:

  • Hidden Trading Insights: Uncover the trader's best-kept secrets, gaining an inside track that sets you apart in the markets.
  • Proven Trading Strategies: Arm yourself with battle-tested tactics that have personally proven their worth, delivering consistent results.
  • Navigate Industry Challenges: Navigate the choppy waters of trading with the confidence and resilience that I've developed through years of experience.
  • Distinguish Genuine Expertise: Sharpen your discerning eye to spot authentic trading wisdom from my own journey, ensuring you learn from the best.
  • Access Exclusive Resources: Gain privileged access to the very resources and tools I rely on for trading success, giving you a unique edge in your trading ventures.

About Tradesurity

Tradesurity, our esteemed sponsor, is a trusted name in the trading industry, dedicated to ensuring transparency and reliability. As a key partner in 'Trading the Truth,' Tradesurity shares our commitment to providing you with genuine insights and resources to support your trading journey. Together, we strive to empower traders like you to achieve success in the dynamic world of trading.


  • 10 minutes

    Opening Remarks

  • 15 minutes

    Beyond the Façade: Unveiling Hidden Insights

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